WA’s jobs and economic recovery continues

The latest ABS labour force data released shows Western Australia’s strong job creation and economic recovery is continuing, with an additional 2,900 jobs created in September.

WA’s unemployment rate fell to 6.7 per cent, down from 7 per cent in August, meaning WA now has the equal lowest unemployment rate of all the States. By comparison, the unemployment rate in New South Wales rose to 7.2 per cent.

The unemployment rate is now below the national rate, which rose to 6.9 per cent in September (2020).

Today’s (October 15 2020) data shows that 75,900, or 73.7 per cent of the jobs lost due to COVID-19 have now been recovered. After being disproportionately impacted, 86.1 per cent of the initial losses in female employment have now been recovered.

The underemployment rate fell to 9.3 per cent, to the lowest of all States and well below the national rate of 11.4 per cent.

Source: WA Government