VFF welcomes move, but piece of the puzzle still missing

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) cautiously supports the Victorian Government’s commitment to the on-dock rail project.

“The VFF is supportive of projects that move freight from road to rail; this provides efficiencies in delivering product to market ensuring Victorian producers remain competitive,” said VFF President David Jochinke.

However, the VFF remains cautious of the project as other key rail infrastructure projects, such as the Murray Basin Rail Project remain under a cloud of uncertainty.

“The government must keep their promise and deliver the project as per the original business case. Standardising and increasing capacity of Victoria’s regional rail freight lines is essential to the viability and success of the agricultural industry.” said VFF President David Jochinke.

The true benefits of the on-dock rail project will not be realised unless the government delivers the Murray Basin Rail Project as promised.

“If Government can find the funds for on-dock rail, they can find the money to complete the Murray Basin Rail Project,” Mr Jochinke concluded.

Source: VFF