SA Dog Fence rebuild suppliers & contractors

SA Dog Fence rebuild suppliers & contractors

The companies who will be involved in the $25 million rebuild of the South Australian Dog Fence have been announced, with successful applicants appointed to panels now able to bid for projects in the next round of works.

The tender process sought applications from suppliers of materials and fencing contractors to rebuild the Dog Fence.

The Dog Fence protects South Australia’s $4.3 billion livestock industry by stopping dingoes from migrating into land used for sheep production. This area is known as the sheep zone.

The project involves a 2,150 km barrier that stretches from the Great Australian Bight to the New South Wales border, parts of which are more than 100 years old.

The successful applicants are:

Suppliers of materials

  • Bunnings Group Ltd
  • Clipex
  • Elders Rural Services Australia Ltd
  • Far West Rural Supplies Pty Ltd
  • JMA Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Kowald Industries
  • Landmark
  • Lienert Engineering
  • Platinum Ag Services
  • Procurex Pty Ltd
  • Senturion Steel Supplies
  • The Big Steel
  • YP Agriservices Pty Ltd

Fencing contractors

  • A&K Rural Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Birubi Australia Pty Ltd
  • Burra Fencing Contractors
  • Dixon Fencing Pty Ltd
  • Indelmir Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Kowald Industries
  • MG & R Harris
  • Mount Charlotte Trust & Figure 8 Contracting
  • RN & SA Hatch Fencing Contractors
  • RNCO Co.
  • SA Outback Company Pty Ltd
  • SE & DJ Wright & Son Pty Ltd
  • Vas Martin

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.