Reliant wheat pulls through tough season at Brigalow

Reliant wheat pulls through tough season at Brigalow

For brothers Greg and Terry Dalgliesh and their wives Sue and Simone, 2019 was one of the toughest years on record at their Brigalow farm ‘Galtymore’.

Despite this, the team managed to harvest 1.6 tonnes per hectare from their crop of Pacific Seeds Reliant wheat.

Greg said while their usual wheat crop averages about 3t/ha, they were lucky to harvest anything last season.

“We started planting barley at the end of March after receiving 73mm of rain and the wheat was sown through early to mid-May,” he said.

“Then we had 11mm in early June. After that, the tap turned off.”

Mr Dalgliesh said there was no relief until harvest in late October when some storm rain came through.

“It wasn’t until harvest that we saw any rain, which was still less than 10mm.

“Given the extremely challenging season, we were very impressed with the Reliant wheat.”

He said the plan for this year’s winter was to sow 125ha of Reliant.

According to Pacific Seeds, Reliant has demonstrated its ability to finish well in tough years since its release in 2017.

The company says Reliant is a consistently high yielding mid-season maturity variety with an APH classification in Northern NSW and QLD and a reliable grain package made up of good grain size and high test weights.

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