Protecting Wangaratta women in times of crisis

The Victorian Government is ensuring women and girls across north east Victoria can get the support, services and safety they need in times of crisis.

Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams visited Wangaratta to announce a range of support for women suffering from family violence, natural disasters and the impacts of the pandemic.

Women’s Health Goulburn North East has received $75,000 to work with local councils to ensure prevention of violence is considered in a councils’ disaster planning and response.

The funding is delivering training to help council staff identify and respond early to family violence, as well as helping councils tailor emergency management plans to provide for the varying needs of women, men and gender diverse people in disasters.

In addition, Women’s Health Goulburn North East are continuing to work tirelessly to keep women connected and improve mental health during the pandemic thanks to $100,000 to deliver their Women Gathering initiative online.

The initiative brings women together to share experiences from major events such as droughts and fires, equipping participants with skills to establish and grow a strong network of local women.

The funding helped develop a toolkit with tools and activities that is being used to assist women to generate strong connections with other women and reduce social isolation.

To ensure women in north east Victoria have greater protection from violence the Victorian Government has also invested $400,000 in Women’s Health Goulburn North East to help local organisations – like sports clubs, health services and schools – take local action to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women.

This funding is helping deliver awareness-raising campaigns, training on how to be an active bystander against sexist and disrespectful behaviours, and changes in workplace policies and practices that promote gender equality.

Victoria is leading the nation with its work to end family violence, with more than $3.5 billion invested since the Royal Commission– more than every other state combined, and more than the Commonwealth.

Source: Vic Government