Maningrida Health Centre Handed Over to Mala’la

Manayingkarirra Primary Health Centre in Maningrida has been handed over to Aboriginal control, as part of the Territory Government’s commitment to local decision making.

Mala’la Health Service Aboriginal Corporation are now overseeing the delivery of health care services for the community, and surrounding homelands in Central Arnhem Land.

Maningrida is one of the Territory’s busiest remote health centres. It carries out 4,000 consultations per month for more than 2,700 residents.

NT Health has worked together with Mala’la Health Service Aboriginal Corporation and the Commonwealth to transition the delivery of acute and emergency illness management and primary health care programs to Aboriginal community control.

The transition of services was carried out in a staged approach:

  • Phase one included the transfer of the outstations, men’s health, child health and rheumatic heart disease programs, and was completed in October 2019.
  • Phase two saw the transition of the remaining preventive primary health care programs, and this was completed in July 2020.
  • Phase three saw the funding for ten nurse positions to deliver acute and emergency care. This was completed in February 2021.

Management of the Maningrida Morgue was transitioned to the community in February 2020.

Source: NT Government