Landholders urged to enrol now for important poll

Landholders urged to enrol now for important poll

Rural landholders in NSW are being urged to have their say on the direction of Local Land Services.

With drought, fires and floods having a major impact on regional NSW, it is crucial we continue to have strong leadership.

Voting is starting soon for election of 34 Local Land Services board members around the state.

Anyone who is a Local Land Services ratepayer aged over 18 can have their say, but they need to get a voting pack now as time is running out.

It is a priority for ratepayers to tell Local land Services how they would like to receive their voting pack – by post or online.

To register:

  • go to the home page of the Local Land Services website and click on ‘board elections’ and choose postal or online voting pack, or
  • call 1300 795 299 to register for a postal pack – the deadline for postal packs is 5pm Monday 30th March 2020

Voting opens on April 9 2020 and election results will be announced in June 2020.

Source: Local Land Services