Big Rocks Weir takes great leap forward

Big Rocks Weir takes great leap forward

The Big Rocks Weir project has taken a great leap forward with the commencement of the geotechnical drilling program.

As part of the process, rock core samples will be provided to engineers to assess the suitability of the site’s foundations.

Mayor Cr Frank Beveridge said the commencement of the drilling is exciting news for the region. “This past week we’ve had geotechnical drilling commence at the Big Rocks Weir site. The drilling is a necessary step in accessing the construction of the Big Rocks Weir and we’re excited that work is progressing.

“So far, a local earthmoving company has been engaged to provide access tracks to the site for the drills rigs and GHD engineers are supervising the drilling and collecting the rock core samples.

“We also have Cultural Heritage observers from Ngrragoonda Aboriginal Corporation on-site watching over the activities,” said the Mayor.

Following the Geotechnical assessment, engineers will undertake a design review and confirmation, with pre-construction activities due to be complete by October 2022.

“Once the pre-construction activities are complete a decision will be made on proceeding with construction of the Weir.

“During construction of the Weir, it’s estimated it will create more than 170 jobs and more than 110 after being built.

“It will boost water security, job security, and regional security for the Charters Towers Region,” said Cr Beveridge.

Once built the project is expected to deliver an additional $35 million in agricultural revenue to the Charters Towers Region and more than $26 million in economic benefits to the State and Federal economies.

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Source: Charters Towers Regional Council