Amendments to Pastoral Land Act 1992 will not proceed

The Territory Government supports the development and diversification of the Territory’s economy and also recognises the rights of native title holders over their land, and how that land is managed.

The NT Government proposed amendments to the Pastoral Land Act 1992 with the aim of providing procedural rights to native title holders when a Non-Pastoral Use Permit (NPU) is granted is in certain circumstances.

As a Government, we have taken a broad policy position which aims to strike a fair balance between the existence of Native Title, and Pastoral Rights.

Recently the NT Cattleman’s Association and Land Councils met for the first time to discuss the proposed amendments to the Pastoral Land Act, and were unfortunately unable to form a collaborative view about the objectives of the proposed amendments.

Notwithstanding our view of the importance of the policy, the Northern Territory Government has determined not to proceed with the proposed amendments to the Pastoral Land Act.

We acknowledge that the Land Councils have been strong advocates for these changes and we encourage the continuation of meetings between the Land Councils and the NTCA so that the sustainable development and economic opportunity of the pastoral estate can be realised, for all Territorians.

Source: NT Government