Ai Group welcomes VIC Government funding to support industry in new waste program

Funding to support the development of recycling and reuse of waste products announced by the State Government is a positive step, according to the Australian Industry Group Victorian Head, Tim Piper.

The Government announced a package of over $100 million, over four years, to assist industry to implement the Government’s new waste program.

Part of that will be providing $1 for every $3 that industry invests into developing facilities and infrastructure.

However, Mr Piper warned that the investment is unlikely to be enough to properly deliver on the Government requirements.

“We hope that there will be flexibility in funding arrangements. Any companies wanting to support the community and the Government project, should be included,” Mr Piper said.

“The Sustainability Fund has $100m’s in it and this is the reason it was created – to support worthwhile projects. I hope the Government recognises the need to make things happen quickly.”

Mr Piper commended the Government on funding being provided to support the waste-to-energy industry and looking at contaminated waste.

“Both areas are significant for the community and for industry. The most important issue will be certainty and knowing how to deal with these different types of waste,” Mr Piper said.

Source: Ai Group