10 young community members endorsed to 2021 Gladstone Region Youth Council

10 young community members endorsed to 2021 Gladstone Region Youth Council

Ten young and enthusiastic community members have been endorsed to the 2021 Gladstone Region Youth Council at Gladstone Regional Council’s general meeting on 6 April 2021.

And the 2021 Gladstone Region Youth Council members are:

  • Aaron Yea
  • Alexa Marxsen
  • Brooke Assman (co-chair)
  • Charlise Falconer
  • Gypsy Cantwell
  • Layla Dow (co-chair)
  • Rommiel Malig
  • Stella Porter
  • Taylah Cubis
  • William Patrick.

Locations across the Gladstone Region are well represented within the new Youth Council, with members from Agnes Water, Gladstone, Boyne Island, Tannum Sands, Burua and Calliope. Ages of Gladstone Region Youth Council members range from 15 to 20 years old, with seven of the 10 members still attending school.

Because of this, the Gladstone Region Youth Council’s annual term is aligned with the Queensland school year. Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett – who was joined by Gladstone Regional Council CEO Leisa Dowling, Council employees and Gladstone Region Councillors Darryl Branthwaite, Chris Cameron, Glenn Churchill, Kahn Goodluck, Rick Hansen, Natalia Muszkat and Desley O’Grady at a welcoming event held on 9 April 2021 – said the Gladstone Region Youth Council acts as an formal advisory committee to Council on youth related matters within the region.

“All Councillors and I congratulate the new Gladstone Region Youth Council members and wish them the best of luck and success during 2021,” Councillor Burnett said.

“Youth Council members are selected based on their diverse strengths and experiences, knowledge of youth issues and willingness to bring about positive change.

“Following an Expression of Interest period launched in November 2020, applicants were interviewed by two of Council’s Community Development Officers and scored against their knowledge of issues faced within the region, their alignment of personal strengths and experiences with the role of a Youth Council member, their creative and critical thinking skills and their ability to commit to the attendance expected of them as Youth Council representatives.”

Source: GRC