Set In Stone - The Daniel Herbert Sculpture Prize

Set In Stone - The Daniel Herbert Sculpture Prize

Set In Stone is a sculpture competition and exhibition that celebrates the traditional techniques and forms of sandstone carving. It is open to practiced sculptors and complete novices alike. In keeping with the work of Ross’ traditional stonemasons, entries must be completed using only hand tools. Entries must also be worked from the stone block supplied by the competition. All entrants who deliver a work for exhibition will be in the running for the Daniel Herbert Sculpture Prize, which honours Herbert as the convict stonemason credited with the carvings on the Ross Bridge.


Set In Stone was conceived by respected Tasmanian sculptor Anita Denholm as a way of encouraging ordinary people to explore their creativity and ‘have a go’ at art. Anita’s personal experience of having her creativity questioned, and finding art again 25 years later, inspires her to inspire others.

“Art should be for everybody”, says Anita. “Don’t let anybody say you can’t ‘art’. ‘Art’ anyway. The people that carved the icons on the bridge, they were convicts, just everyday people. This is an art competition for everyday people, so they can just have a go”.

The inaugural event in 2019 was a huge success with people from all around the state, and of all skill levels submitting their carved sandstone blocks. The event is back in 2021.

Key dates

9 August 2021: Applications open.
21 August 2021: Stone available for collection.
5 November 2021, noon: Deadline for delivery of completed work.
5 November 2021, evening: Exhibition opening and announcement of winners (by invitation)
6 November – 5 December 2021: Public Exhibition
5 December 2021: Announcement of People’s Choice award

Source: Tasmanian Wool Centre