RACV continues push for 40km/h zones for all schools

RACV continues push for 40km/h zones for all schools

RACV is calling on the State Government to lower all school speed zones to 40 km/h.

It comes more than three months after RACV revealed that there were almost 150 schools across Victoria where the speed limit during drop-off and pick-up is 60 km/h.

With schools returning this week, Senior Manager Transport Peter Kartsidimas said action was needed now.

“We’re calling on the Andrews (Victorian) Government to make this change, for the sake of Victoria’s children,” Mr Kartsidimas said.

“It would be so simple to reduce these 60km/h school zones to 40 km/h to bring them into line with others around the state.

“We know that research shows a pedestrian struck by a vehicle travelling at 60 km/h has a 95% chance of dying, that risk drops to 40% at 40 km/h.

“Reducing the speed limit to 40km/h in these areas would more than double a child’s chance of surviving if they were struck by a car.

“Lower speeds would also significantly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle striking a child.”

RACV’s campaign is backed by Kidsafe Victoria, Parents Victoria and the Victorian Association of Catholic Primary School Principals.

“We urge parents with children who attend these schools to contact their local politicians and demand a change to the speed limit,” he said.

Source: RACV