Planning for the future of Geraldton marina

The WA Government will contribute $20,000 toward an upgrades staging plan to assess future investment requirements in boat pens within Geraldton’s Batavia Coast Marina.

The 39 current boat pens, owned by Geraldton Yacht Club, are up to 20 years old and require upgrades or replacements to ensure these important assets are sustained.

The work will help advance planning from the concept stage to a detailed master plan considering future target pen mix, vessel sizes and other desired marina elements such as boat ramps, to maximise the functionality and safety of the marina.

A staging plan for carrying out the jetty upgrades/replacements and maintenance will include an estimation of construction costs for the preferred option identified from the master plan.

The arrangement utilises interest earned on State Government funding for the Beresford Foreshore Coastal Protection and Enhancement Project, in a co-contribution arrangement with the Geraldton Yacht Club.

Source: WA Government