Changes to Western Australia’s energy sector governance

The WA Government has made a suite of regulatory changes to improve governance arrangements for Western Australia’s energy sector.

The updated framework recognises the need for strategic leadership and co-ordination, and ensures the sector can efficiently respond to the State’s energy transformation challenges.

WA’s electricity sector is experiencing a major transformation due to the rapid uptake of rooftop solar panels and battery storage systems, and increasing levels of large-scale renewable generators, such as wind and solar farms.

The updated governance framework takes effect from July 1, 2021. Key changes include:

  • transferring responsibility for administration of the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules and Gas Services Information Rules from the Rule Change Panel to the Coordinator of Energy;
  • transferring responsibility for market development functions, including policy and technical reviews, from the Economic Regulation Authority to the Coordinator of Energy;
  • allocating development of Whole of System Plans to the Coordinator of Energy;
  • allocating responsibility for the new rules for the North West Interconnected System to the Coordinator of Energy; and
  • creating a new energy market evolution function for the Coordinator of Energy.

The Coordinator of Energy, supported by Energy Policy WA, will assist the Minister for Energy in planning and co-ordinating the delivery of energy across WA.

Source: WA Government