Smart water meter roll out - zone 2

Dubbo Regional Council’s project to renew its existing water meter fleet across the Dubbo Regional Local Government Area (LGA) is entering its second phase, commencing meter replacements to properties in zone 2.

An estimated 3287 smart water meters have been fitted to residential and commercial properties in Zone 1 in just under 4 weeks. Contractors will be required to return to zone 1 at some stage to install meters at various locations that required minor modifications to allow the fitting of meter/devices.

DRC’s Chief Executive Officer Michael McMahon said he is pleased to hear the project is on track.

“The installation process is running very smoothly. The majority of meters have been readily accessible for the contractors and meters have been replaced in under 20 minutes in most cases. I have been especially pleased to hear the contractors have been making arrangements with property owners to organise a suitable time for replacement if required,” Mr McMahon said.

DRC’s Director of Infrastructure, Julian Geddes said the project had been well received by the community. “We know this change in technology is going to be new for property owners, the general feedback though has been positive, with the majority of residents and businesses owners enthusiastic about monitoring their water usage,” Mr Geddes said.

“The My DRC Water portal is in the testing stages and will be launched in the coming months. The platform is easy to use and will be key to saving water for the home or business,” he said.

The smart meter roll out commenced 1 June 2020 in the central Dubbo area (zone 1). The full rollout is expected to take 12 months.

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Source: DRC