Partnership to drive down rate of animal abandonment

Partnership to drive down rate of animal abandonment

In a first for Dubbo Regional Council (DRC), the Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW) is partnering with Council to deliver essential vaccination, microchipping and de-sexing services for animals abandoned or surrendered to the Dubbo City Animal Shelter.

The Dubbo Region has unfortunately seen a major increase in the number of cats being abandoned at Council’s animal shelters, primarily as a result of a big breeding season and large numbers of unneutered cats roaming the streets. This partnership with the AWL NSW aims to drive down the rate of abandonment, and promote responsible pet ownership.

“There are dozens of cats that we sadly aren’t able to rehome, because our budget doesn’t allow for it. By having this relationship with the Animal Welfare League NSW, we can rehome more cats, right here in Dubbo, knowing that they are de-sexed, microchipped, and vaccinated, before they go to their new forever home,” said DRC’s Manager Environmental Compliance, Michael Jarman.

“We know that Dubbo residents want to be responsible pet owners, but sometimes there are barriers that prevent people from being able to stay up-to-date with their pet’s vaccinations, or even have their pets de-sexed and microchipped. We’re so pleased that AWL NSW has chosen DRC as an area to focus on, to help improve outcomes for both animals and pet owners,” said Mr Jarman.

It’s also hoped that if residents don’t have to find the money outright to have their pets microchipped and de-sexed, they will be able to afford to register their pet with Council, so that they can be returned home safely, should the pet ever go missing.

“This is only the start, but we are starting somewhere. We will also be working with local vets to provide aftercare support, to ensure there are positive outcomes for our animals that are de-sexed, microchipped, and vaccinated,” said Mr Jarman.

AWL NSW CEO Mark Slater said that Dubbo Regional Council was chosen for the partnership, because staff identified a need for it.

“We have recently had a new inspector start with us in the Dubbo Central West region. The staff at the Dubbo City Animal Shelter made her aware of areas where AWL NSW could provide support, and that’s the reason we’re now coming to Dubbo, to assist at the Dubbo City Animal Shelter,” said Mr Slater.

From next month, the AWL NSW’s mobile clinic will be visiting the Dubbo Region once-a-month for a week at a time. The program for animals abandoned or surrendered to the Dubbo City Animal Shelter will start mid-May 2021 and runs for a 12 month period.

It’s hoped that if this program is successful with DRC, and with support from local vets, it will eventually be extended to allow other members of the public to access the service.

Source: DRC