Land transfer to generate Aboriginal jobs in the Ord

Leading indigenous organisation Miriuwung Gajerrong (MG) Corporation has taken ownership of 665 hectares of land for irrigated agriculture under the Ord East Kimberley Expansion Project.

The WA Government has signed the transfer of ownership of two land parcels in the Goomig farmlands as part of a native title settlement under the Ord Final Agreement.

This landmark step unlocks the opportunity for MG Corporation to undertake commercial irrigated agriculture operations in the East Kimberley, including cotton.

The land transfer is part of the State Government’s endeavours to realise long-awaited expansion potential in the Ord Valley.

Under a licence agreement in 2020, MG Corporation and joint venture partners Cubbie Farming produced high-quality cotton from land parcel Lot 16.

MG Corporation is also one of the founding members of East Kimberley organisations pursuing a cotton processing facility in Kununurra.

MG Corporation has entered into a Water and Environmental Management Infrastructure Agreement with Kimberley Agricultural Investment Pty Ltd, who farm the balance of Goomig, to ensure the environmental obligations attached to the Goomig development are appropriately managed into the future.

Source: WA Government