Keep an eye out for Yellow Crazy Ants

Keep an eye out for Yellow Crazy Ants

A small surviving colony of yellow crazy ants was recently detected in Lismore after an astute resident spotted them in his garden. Yellow crazy ants were first found and treated in and around Lismore in 2018. They are not native to Australia and are a serious environmental pest. They don’t bite or sting people but can spray tiny drops of formic acid when disturbed, which can irritate the skin.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is monitoring and controlling the surviving ants through targeted treatments approved for use in urban and residential areas. Lismore City Council and the DPI are grateful for the continued support of the Lismore community in the management of yellow crazy ants. You can help stop their spread by checking outdoor areas for ants with:

  • slender yellow to brownish bodies about 5mm long
  • dark brown abdomens, sometimes striped
  • very long legs and antennae
  • an erratic walking style

If you spot any suspicious ants:

  • collect them in a container
  • freeze them for 15 minutes, then photograph them against a white background
  • call the Biosecurity Helpline on 1800 680 244 or email

Good quality photos and videos of the ants will help with initial identification. For more information about yellow crazy ants visit

Source: Lismore City Council