Grant to improve boat safety on Lake Burrumbeet

Grant to improve boat safety on Lake Burrumbeet

The City of Ballarat has been successful in obtaining funding through the Victorian Government’s Boating Safety and Facilities Program 2020-21 to improve boat safety at Lake Burrumbeet.

The funding, announced by Melissa Horne MP, Minister for Fishing and Boating, is to reduce the hazards in Lake Burrumbeet through the use of navigational aids.

The City has received just over $79,000 for the Lake Burrumbeet Waterway Management Audit Implementation. The grant will be used to purchase and install heavy duty buoys to identify and warn users of sections of Lake Burrumbeet with submerged rocks and trees that are too dangerous for boats.

Ballarat Mayor, Cr Daniel Moloney said Lake Burrumbeet was a popular destination.

“Lake Burrumbeet is used for boating year-round, but it’s especially popular during the warmer months. Locals are well-versed on the various water hazards and have helped protect lake users for many years. However, these new buoys will better highlight the hazards, particularly for those new to the lake or unfamiliar with local conditions. We want everyone to enjoy boating, knowing that there’ll be the infrastructure to stay safe on the water.”

Council erected advisory signs in January 2021 in regard to recommended (not enforceable) speed limits at Lake Burrumbeet over the busy summer period while it conducted community consultation on proposed changes to apply to all Lake Burrumbeet users to bring usage in line with the Marine Safety Act 2010 and improve safety on the lake.

The proposed changes included:

An open speed limit in the southern section of the lake for tow-sports such as water-skiing, wakeboarding and jet skis towing skiers, tubes and biscuits, and a 5-knot speed limit in the northern section along the shoreline to provide a safe area for activities such as canoeing, fishing and wind powered vessels.

The final report and outcomes of the Lake Burrumbeet consultation are currently being prepared for release via mySay.

Source: City of Ballarat