Collie sheds on track for heritage listing

The Railway Goods Shed and Footbridge in Collie, that were instrumental in establishing the only coal industry in Western Australia, have been included in the State Register of Heritage Places.

Designed in 1898 by C.Y. O’Connor, the Goods Shed is the largest standard Class 1 shed built by the former railways department, and includes a double gabled roof with the track running through the length of the building on one side.

The footbridge is one of the few rare surviving examples of a rural railway footbridge in the State and was restored by volunteer labour, reopening in 2013. It spans the entire distance over the main railway line, connecting the two sides of the Collie town centre.

The Goods Shed has experienced ongoing intervention since being rebuilt in 1911 and was refurbished by the Collie Heritage Group in 1998-2002.

Today, the Goods Shed is home to the Collie Heritage Group and Men’s Shed Group and is also used as a popular market venue in Collie and by the newly formed Heritage Skills Association.

Source: WA Government