Young Monto Jersey fan wins national photo competition

Young Monto Jersey fan wins national photo competition

Ten-year-old Oliver Pailthorpe from Monto in northern Queensland has beaten people of all ages and from all states to win Jersey Australia’s 2019 photo competition.

But Oliver has his eyes set on bigger achievements…he’s already planning to develop his own Jersey stud.

Oliver’s pensive shot of one of his family’s Jersey cows caught the attention of judges who were impressed by its moody atmosphere and clear composition.

Oliver is a passionate young Jersey fan who spends all his spare time breaking in and leading heifers around the family farm.

He is a regular participator in the biennial Monto Dairy Festival and has led the parade for the past two years. In 2019 he also competed in the junior handler classes at the Gympie Show.

While the Pailthorpe herd is mostly Ayrshire, Jerseys also have a significant role and are Oliver’s favourites.

Oliver’s parents Steve Pailthorpe and Helen Goody say his successful photo reflects his passion for the cows.

It happened by chance during a farm photo shoot last December when Helen was taking family photos.

“I was taking photos of the boys for Christmas cards and I got Oliver to hold my camera while I was doing something,” Helen said. “Goldie was hanging around and he snapped a couple of photos which turned out very nicely.”

The family is encouraging Oliver’s interest in Jerseys.

“Oliver is mad on his Jerseys so there are a few more creeping into the herd,” Helen said. “He wants to own his own stud and he wants to show them so we’re helping and encouraging him.”

Oliver is hands-on with breeding and raising the calves.

“He helps Steve pick which A.I. straws to buy, though he does pick some of them by their name. His favourite A.I. bull at the moment is a Jersey bull called Oliver.

Oliver said he liked Jerseys because they have “creamy milk, big black eyes and are very friendly”.

Despite the dry and dusty conditions about 120 kilometres inland from Bundaberg, Steve said the farm was battling along okay.

Source: Jersey Australia