World-class care for Bendigo patients

Patients with cancer, arthritis, heart conditions or stroke will be able to access their specialist appointments closer to home, no matter where they live, thanks to a landmark boost to regional health.

The Victorian Budget 2019/20 includes $136.2 million for an additional 500,000 specialist appointments in regional Victoria, making sure patients can access the world-class care they need without costly trips to Melbourne, away from family and friends.

The big boost to rural and regional specialist appointments will mean 75,000 extra appointments for heart conditions, 30,000 appointments for those struggling with arthritis, 50,000 appointments for Victorians with chronic pain and 40,000 extra appointments for patients suffering from cancer.

Regional Victorians deserve the best care, no matter where they live. The Budget includes a $100 million boost to the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, helping build the world-class hospitals and health facilities that rural and regional communities count on.

The Victorian Government’s $100 million redevelopment of Maryborough Hospital is on track, with work underway and funding set aside for when shovels are ready to hit the ground.

Bendigo patients recovering from illness or injury will be able to get their rehabilitation treatment under the one roof, with nearly $60 million in the Budget for the Bendigo Hospital Day Rehabilitation Centre. It was a Victorian Government who designed, funded and delivered the flagship Bendigo Hospital – and now we’re making it better.

Rochester paramedics are winners too, with funding in the Budget to ensure their single-crew shifts become a thing of the past, and paramedics only attend emergencies in pairs.

But there’s no use building world-class hospitals if they’re not funded to deliver first-class care. The Budget includes $2.5 billion so that our nurses and doctors have record funding to deliver the very best treatment that can prove the difference between life and death.

This record funding will help admit two million patients across Victoria, while 1.91 million patients will receive world-class care in emergency departments, and 203,000 Victorians will get the surgery they need, faster.

Source: Vic Government