Waste Levy commences

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) is reminding farmers and rural communities that a new landfill tax commences in areas across the state.

The Waste Levy will be set at $75 per tonne for general waste increasing up to $155 per tonne for Category 1 regulated wastes sent to landfill. It will include 39 local government areas and cover 90% of Queensland’s population.

QFF President Stuart Armitage said the agricultural sector was continuing to demonstrate stewardship of the resources it uses and maximise recycling opportunities across the industry, but farmers need to consider how the levy would impact their businesses.

“Farmers should be aware that while the waste levy does not apply to recyclable materials, many animal effluent and residues, including abattoir effluent and poultry and fish processing wastes are still classed as regulated wastes and will attract the higher charge if sent for disposal,” Mr Armitage said.

“QFF has been working with farmers and rural communities to recognise the importance of farm sustainability and to grow and develop the resource recovery sector in Queensland.”

“While the levy provides opportunities for the development of the resource recovery sector in Queensland, it is essential that funding from the disposal levy is returned to regional communities to build infrastructure, support jobs, and stimulate new and domestic markets for recovered materials.”

Source: QFF