WA Government to further strengthen Aboriginal businesses

Aboriginal businesses across Western Australia will now have access to new training and development opportunities to help them secure more government contracts.

Three WA based Aboriginal businesses were awarded contracts totalling $1.5 million as part of the Capability Building Program, which is an added support mechanism for the WA Government’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy.

Indigenous Professional Services Pty Ltd, Keogh Bay People Pty Ltd and Morrgul Pty Ltd will develop and deliver training programs to Aboriginal businesses across WA empowering them to tender for more government contracts.

Programs will include information and training on four key topics: tendering skills; business development; internal governance; and contractual compliance requirements.

The three contractors will co-design the programs with Aboriginal businesses and not-for-profit organisations and ensure the varied needs of Aboriginal entities across the State are met.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy, introduced in July 2018, requires WA Government agencies to award a minimum of one per cent of contracts to registered Aboriginal business throughout the 2018-19 financial year increasing to three per cent in 2020-21.

Interim reporting has confirmed that more than four per cent of all State Government contracts were awarded to registered Aboriginal businesses over a six-month period. Of those businesses, 98 per cent were based in WA which demonstrates the strength of the local business sector.

This training will build upon the success of this policy by maximising the ability for Aboriginal entities to win more government work.

Source: WA Government