Victorian Premier's resignation the end of an era

“The resignation of Premier Daniel Andrews marks the end of an era in Victorian politics,” Tim Piper, Victorian Head of Ai Group said.

“He has been a formidable leader and politician, and his electoral success showed that he understood the Victorian electorate better than anyone else. He was always his own man and he leaves office on his own terms.

“Mr Andrews started his premiership with the promise of having a big vision for the State and went on to pursue and deliver the biggest of infrastructure projects, especially in and around Melbourne.

“In dealing with the COVID pandemic he governed the State through some of our most tumultuous times. Whether or not you agreed with his approach he proudly took personal responsibility for it and his tireless approach to work saw him front up for media questioning 120 days in a row.

“The next Premier will have the opportunity for a fresh start and will need to concentrate on revising Victoria’s state budget strategy, reducing debt, and encouraging business, rather than imposing new costs and regulations.

“In starting afresh, the new Premier will also have the chance to have a proper look at the State’s COVID response, potentially through a state Royal Commission. We need to know what happened, what we did well and what we could have done better so that we are prepared for the next pandemic.

“Ai Group and our members wish Mr Andrews all the best for the future and thank him and his team for their engagement with the business community,” Mr Piper said.