Victorian grower one of the first in Australia to grow TruFlex-triazine canola

Victorian grower one of the first in Australia to grow TruFlex-triazine canola

West Victorian grower Rowan Scott is one of the first in the country to grow new TruFlex-triazine tolerant stacked canola technology – specifically, Hyola 530XT.

TruFlex is the first new herbicide-resistant trait offering since Monsanto, which was recently acquired by Bayer, launched the Roundup Ready® herbicide trait in 1996.

Pacific Seeds released two new hybrids with the TruFlex trait for the 2019 plant – Hyola 410XX which is a straight TruFlex hybrid, as well as Hyola 530XT which offers both the TruFlex trait as well as triazine tolerance for that hybrid.

Mr Scott, who runs ‘Blue Banks’ at Toolondo, south of Horsham, said it was recommended to him by his agronomist Darren Scott, who is also his brother, to clean up a worsening ryegrass problem.

“We were using Roundup Ready canola about ten years ago then we moved to mostly triazine tolerant crops.

“Lately, we’ve been treading water with ryegrass control.

“I cut wheaten hay as an integrated weed management method, but we needed something else.

“The ability to apply both triazine and Roundup was a big drawcard and TruFlex gives me more flexibility, providing a wider weed spraying window beyond the current six-lead stage up to first flowering.

“What I found was the Hyola 530XT was excellent in drowning out the weeds, plus I was really happy with the yield.”

The farmer planted 33 hectares of Hyola 530XT alongside 600ha of triazine tolerant and open pollinated canola from April 25, 2019.

He used a John Deere 1890 with disc seeder on 10-inch row spacings and applied 70kg/ha of MAP and 200kg/ha of urea.

Mr Scott harvested the crops from December 10 2019.

“The Hyola 530XT yielded 2.3t/ha and oil content hit 43.5 per cent – overall a very good result for us.”

He also planted Trojan wheat, which averaged 5t/ha.

The season was one of the better ones for the Tooloondo farm, with most of the 350mm of the year’s rainfall falling in the growing season.

“Rainfall was down a bit on average, but it fell at the right time, plus we had a cool finish in spring, a dry sept into October and we didn’t get any nasty hot days.”

This year he plans to increase the number of hectares sown to the innovative new canola variety.

“I’ve got a couple of paddocks earmarked for the Hyola 530XT this year (2020) – we’re looking at 200ha at this stage.”

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Featured Image: Rowan Scott (left) with Darren Scott, SMS Rural.