Victorian fish stocking breaks national record

The Victorian Government has stocked Victorian waterways with a record 10 million fish over the past year, setting a new nationwide record.

The initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s $35 million Go Fishing Victoria plan, funded by recreational fishing licence fees, and includes one million Murray cod and golden perch stocked in Lake Eildon, Lake Eppalock and Rocklands Reservoir.

There were also record stockings in individual waterways including 100,000 golden perch into Lake Nillahcootie, 113,000 estuary perch into the Barwon River, 50,000 Murray cod into Lake Bellfield, 105,000 estuary perch into Gippsland Lakes and 55,000 brown trout into Upper Coliban Reservoir.

There were also inaugural stockings including 15,000 Macquarie perch in the King River, 3,900 tiger trout in Lake Bullen Merri, 5,000 estuary perch in Aura Vale Lake and 80,000 silver perch in Lake Buffalo.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority grew a majority of the fish at the Snobs Creek hatchery near Eildon and the recently completed Arcadia hatchery on the banks of the Goulburn River near Shepparton.

Of the fish stocked in the past year, 8.1 million were native species such as Murray cod, golden perch, Australian bass, estuary perch and the endangered Macquarie perch. The remaining 1.9 million were trout and salmon including rainbow, brown, cheetah and tiger, along with Chinook.

Since 2014, the Victorian Government has invested $71 million into the recreational fishing sector, which is worth over $3.9 billion to the Victorian economy and supports 33,000 jobs.

This investment includes removing commercial net fishing from Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes, building a new fish hatchery at Arcadia, creating more fish habitats in rivers and bays, extending the Golden Tag competition, and encouraging participation through free VicFishKids events.

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Source: Vic Government