Transition of sheep and cattle funds complete

Transition of sheep and cattle funds complete

Transition of South Australia’s sheep and cattle industry funds to industry management has been finalised following the appointment of two new boards and an executive officer.

The boards will be responsible for managing the administration and funding decisions of the state’s sheep and cattle industries, giving the sectors more control over where producer levy contributions are being invested.

The new Cattle and Sheep Industry Fund Boards – which were appointed by a selection committee established by Livestock SA – held their inaugural meetings in March (2020). These meetings were facilitated by the new executive officer for the industry funds, Tom Cosentino.

Mr Cosentino says the new process recommended by industry will create more opportunities for co-investment and build greater accountability.

“Industry organisations are accountable to members and the management of the industry funds outside of a government agency provides the opportunity for significant co-investment in projects by industry, government, commercial and other third-party funders,” he said.

The funds began the transition to industry management late last year after previously operating under the administration of the Department of Primary Industries and Regions on the advice of the SA Sheep and Cattle Advisory Groups, which have now been dissolved.

The new industry fund boards will make recommendations regarding fund expenditure which will be submitted to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development for approval via Livestock SA.

Producers currently contribute to the funding pool for the state’s livestock industries through a $1.50 levy paid on cattle tags and a 67 cents per head levy on sheep sales of five animals or more for $5 or more.

“It is important there is transparency in where producer contributions are being spent,” Mr Cosentino said.

The Sheep Industry Fund consists of Graham Clothier, Lucindale; Keith Bolto, Kangaroo Island; Helen Thomas, Manoora; Ian Rowett, Riverton; Jane-Marie Kellock, Farrell Flat; and Nette Fischer, Wasleys.

The Cattle Industry Fund board consists of Penny Schulz, Field; Lyndon Cleggett, Glencoe; Robert Brokenshire, Mount Compass; Stephen Radeski, Woodside; Tom Hampton, Woodside; and Heath Nickolls, Pinnaroo.

“Two directors on each board were members of the preceding advisory groups,” Mr Cosentino said.

“They will provide industry experience and knowledge while allowing new members to bring fresh ideas and concepts to the boards.”

The funds have been responsible for important industry projects including dog fence maintenance, footrot management and the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program.

Both boards are assessing their current expenditure and will open funding applications early next year (2020).

Project proposal forms and further information regarding the Cattle and Sheep Industry Fund Boards can be found on the Livestock SA website.

Source: Livestock SA

Featured Image: Tom Hampton, Heath Nickolls, Lyndon Cleggett, Penny Schulz, Steve Radeski, Robert Brokenshire and executive officer Tom Cosentino