Three clicks to reject the Reef regs

AgForce is urging all Australians who love the affordable, sustainable, high-quality food that we enjoy in this country to support our farmers and #RejectTheRegs.

Signing the National Farmers’ Federation’s #RejectTheRegs online petition will send a strong message to the State Government that proposed amendments to Reef Protection regulations will hurt farmers but won’t help the Reef.

“Farmers care for their land and they care for the Reef, but Government’s unwillingness to listen dismisses the industry’s commitment to voluntary best practice management (BMP) programs that are already contributing to improved water quality and delivering more sustainable agriculture,” AgForce CEO Michael Guerin said.

“We have tried to point out that the science does not support the Government’s one-size-fits-all approach, that research indicates the need for a lower impact, yet more effective approach that focuses on coastal areas with dispersible soils, the primary erosion risk.

“The Government won’t listen. Their so-called consultation consisted of a single public hearing in Parliament House.

“So we must find another way to make them hear us.

“It only takes three clicks and two minutes to complete the #RejectTheRegs petition and have your say.

“It appears that the Government see farmers as more of a risk to Reef health than warming oceans, tropical cyclones and the Crown of Thorns starfish.

Mr Guerin said the agricultural sector had led the way in reducing the risk to the Reef by adopting a range of sustainable and efficient farming practices, while at the same time increasing food production.

“However, this Bill sends farmers a message that their proactive, voluntary and successful efforts don’t matter and the only way to create change is to burden them more regulation and micro-management,” he said.

“If this Bill passes, farmers and their advisers will be at the mercy of government to demand data on farm business transactions and any advice given to farmers.

“There are already enough checks and processes through existing state-wide Planning and Vegetation Management Acts. There is no need for further restrictive and costly Reef-centric regulations for farmers.

“This is a deplorable way to treat the people who feed and clothe us.

“The Reef Bill mustn’t pass Parliament. Complete the #RejectTheRegs petition and ensure your voice is heard.”

Source: AgForce