Supporting community legal centres to reach more people

The Victorian Government is backing the work of Victoria’s Community Legal Centres with more funding to help them support more Victorians.

The second round of Integrated Services Fund grants, worth $1.8 million, will support the extension of partnerships between Community Legal Centres and other service providers like health services, and consumer groups.

Integrated services provide members of the community with increased access to legal and social services, ensuring they have their voices heard and their rights protected.

The increase in funding builds on the success of the 2018-19 grants, which allowed the Consumer Law Action Centre to work in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service to deliver consumer, credit and debt legal services.

The Inner Melbourne Community Legal Centre was also awarded a grant to work with the Royal Melbourne Hospital to provide advice, casework and community education.

Community Legal Centres are encouraged to take advantage of the second round of grants to help them build their capacities and maximise the reach of their services.

Applications can be submitted online to the Federation of Community Legal Centres until 5 August 2019.

Successful applicants will demonstrate they have the skills and resources to implement the service, as well as evidence to show the demand for the service is currently unmet.

The grants will be administered by the Federation of Community Legal Centres, with applications assessed by an independent evaluation panel.

Source: Vic Government