State Budget to deliver increased support in fight against elder abuse

The 2019-20 State Budget will deliver a $1.2 million boost towards raising awareness of elder abuse, with the WA Elder Abuse Helpline set to receive more resources to support its important work tackling the growing issue.

The $1.2 million State Budget commitment forms part of the WA Government’s new $2.3 million package to combat elder abuse.

Resources will also be directed towards providing training initiatives to help professionals who work with seniors identify suspected abuse, new education and awareness resources for the community, and a range of further measures.

The WA Elder Abuse Helpline is in many cases the first port of call for vulnerable seniors who suspect they may be experiencing elder abuse.

The hotline, run by service provider Advocare with State Government support, provides confidential advice for older people who may not have close friends or family to confide in with cases of suspected abuse.

Increased support for Western Australia’s local helpline is critical, especially in light of the Federal Government’s recent decision to launch a new hotline number without any corresponding funding support.

With elder abuse victims sometimes socially isolated and reliant on their abuser for help with daily tasks, the State Government will develop new training packages to help professionals who work in the banking, health and community services sectors to identify and report suspected elder abuse.

Elder abuse continues to be misunderstood in the community, and a new education and awareness package will continue the WA Government’s work to elevate the issue in the minds of the public.

Source: WA Government