Solo Atlantic rower at Adelaide Boat Show

Solo Atlantic rower at Adelaide Boat Show

The only Australian woman to successfully row non-stop solo across the Atlantic Ocean will be a special guest for the three days of the Adelaide Boat Show, June 28th to 30th 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Michelle Lee, 46, spent 68 days rowing 5000 kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean, after two years of training and preparation. Finally making landfall after 10 weeks of isolation, apart from the physical exhaustion, Michelle said the loneliness was a huge mental challenge, admitting there were times she felt “complete and utter” distress.

“For me it was all about independence and proving I can get on without needing anyone – but I’ve decided that’s a load of hogwash,” she said.

Michelle’s story is one of tenacity, strength, survival and sheer determination. While inspiring, there’s much more to be heard regarding the design and cost challenges of developing her own boat, and the willpower required to merely make it to the start, let alone the finish line.

Then, when underway, having to jump overboard and scrape away a pipi infestation from the hull of her boat, to dousing an on-board fire after her stove itself became engulfed, the challenges were sometimes tempered by radio chats with crew members on passing container ships, and sea birds that would follow her for days.

After dropping 14kgs of bodyweight during the trip, and developing significant callouses and blisters on her hands, Michelle hopes to thrill Show visitors with her amazing adventurous story of resilience and personal success.

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Source: Boating Industry Association Ltd