Securing Resources For Victoria’s Future

The Victorian Government is acting now to secure the sand, rock, clay and gravel needed to build the projects of tomorrow.

Minister Pulford unveiled the Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap, while visiting Walsh Quarries at Dunnstown near Ballarat.

The Roadmap will improve the mapping and planning provisions to better identify and protect resources throughout Victoria.

Planning for quarries close to where construction materials are needed most benefits all Victorians by reducing transport distances and helping to keep costs down.

This is about identifying resources needed for the future, so the construction industry can have the raw materials it needs to build new homes, schools, hospitals, roads and transport infrastructure.

The Strategic Extractive Resources Roadmap will build on Helping Victoria Grow: Extractive Resources Strategy, released in 2018, by identifying land with the greatest potential and suitability for future quarry activity.

This will be done in a way that draws on best available geoscience and resource information, while balancing a range of land uses, cultural and community interests.

Investigations, workshops, and engagement with key stakeholders were undertaken in the development of this roadmap and as new data and knowledge becomes available this plan may be updated over time.

The record infrastructure investment of the Victorian Government’s Big Build is driving growth for the quarry sector across the state, and in the six years prior to 2021, production of building raw materials grew by 25 per cent to a bumper 64 million tonnes.

Details of the new roadmap are available at

Source: Vic Government