Secrets of growing more with less to be revealed at Green Cauldron Farm

Secrets of growing more with less to be revealed at Green Cauldron Farm

Jodi Roebuck, a New Zealander at the forefront of bio-intensive farming, is about to share some his winning techniques at the picturesque Green Cauldron Farm in northern NSW in May 2019.

Mr Roebuck, an expert in the sustainable farming methods used to grow as much organic produce as possible in minimal space, will present two workshops on site as part of the Farm2Plate Exchange to be held across the Tweed and Byron regions.

The workshops, hosted by Green Cauldron Farm in Tyalgum, will comprise of a one-day beginner’s course and a two-day intensive course.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world’s foremost authorities on bio-intensive organic farming techniques,” said James Geralds, director of Green Cauldron Farm.

“Jodi is widely acknowledged for his work in restoration grazing and in sustainable farming methods, particularly in areas with limited space.

“It’s a must for anyone interested in learning how to make the most of their market garden, either at home or as part of their commercial farming operation.”

The Farm2Plate Exchange is a local initiative to be held on the Tweed and Byron regions on May 14 and 15 2019.

The national forum will bring together global leaders in regenerative farming, such as Mr Roebuck and renowned Holistic Management practitioner Joel Salatin, as well as local and international chefs who champion farm-to-plate sustainability.

The forum will highlight the northern NSW region’s growing reputation as a clean and sustainable food producer.

Green Cauldron Farm and Caldera Fine Foods, which were founded by James and Katie Geralds, are among those leading the way.

Green Cauldron Farm, comprising 105 acres at Tyalgum, is a sustainable agricultural operation that currently produces heirloom vegetables, unique salad greens and also edible flowers for the restaurant market under the bloom Edible Flowers label.

The couple has also developed a range of cocktail syrups and preserves from Australian native fruits and nuts under their The Native Collection brand.

“We’re passionate about food and in creating unique taste experiences that represent the flavours of the region,” said Mr Geralds.

“We’re equally passionate about farming in a sustainable manner which is why we’re thrilled to be hosting Jodi Roebuck on site.”

Source: Green Cauldron Farm