School bushfire recovery on track for day one

School bushfire recovery on track for day one

Work is underway to repair and clean the 178 schools in bushfire affected communities before Term 1 starts.

School staff, emergency services, the Rural Fire Service and local tradies are working together to repair and clean the schools. The statewide school repair bill will be nearly $20 million.

Damage to schools includes lost fences, burnt outdoor play equipment and contamination from ash and fire retardant.

The Australian Government will provide additional funding to assist families with back-to-school preparations. Payments will help with school necessities like stationery, school shoes, uniforms and backpacks.

A number of strategies will be introduced to help students and staff when they return to school, including mental health support.

The NSW Government will also provide mental health support for Principals and teaching staff so they can deal with recovering school communities.

Source: NSW Government