Rockingham Montessori School fosters high school alternative pathways

Rockingham Montessori School is an independent school near the ocean in Rockingham, Western Australia. We are committed to Montessori philosophy and practice.

Children can achieve success in many ways and Rockingham Montessori School provides children with multiple opportunities that prepare them for college and careers. The school encourages self-discipline, fosters independence, and respect for self and others.

Tony Gillespie, Adolescent Program Deputy Principal, oversees a comprehensive learning program for students age 12-18. The Adolescent Program launched in Jan. 2012 in conjunction with Murdoch University. The program has proven to be highly successful and the first students received WACE in 2015.

Rockingham Montessori School provides a fully-rounded educational program and offers students opportunities through Murdoch University to bridge the gap between the completion of high school and higher education studies. The school understands that there’s no single best path to higher education and seeks to offer students as many options as possible.

Students graduating from the independent school Perth have gone on to pursue careers in law, commerce and teaching. Some have opted for vocational studies where they learn the skills and training employers value most in employees, while others have chosen to enter directly into the workforce. Students also have access to internships and can utilise portfolio entry for university studies.

Success comes in many forms and Rockingham Montessori School allows students to discover their innate talents, what they’re passionate about, and enables them to follow the pathway that best suits their future plans and aspirations. The high school alternative pathways were developed in conjunction with Murdoch University and Big Picture Education Australia, a non-profit organization that’s on the cutting edge of education in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

As one of the best schools Rockingham for high school alternative pathways, the educational institution has partnered with Murdoch University and Big Picture Education Australia to provide students with the most comprehensive array of educational opportunities available. Learning takes place in many ways and Rockingham Montessori School ensures that each student has the ability to follow their passion and their own unique pathway to success.

Source: Rockingham Montessori School