Research funding of $1.19 million to evaluate alcohol harm reduction measures

The Territory Government is delivering safer communities and creating a better future for our children with the Alcohol Harm Minimisation Action Plan.

We committed to comprehensive evaluation of the alcohol harm reduction measures and the Australian Research Council (ARC) announced the research project proposal on Northern Territory Alcohol Reforms has been approved with funding of $1.19 million.

The project involves an extensive team of national leaders in alcohol harm reduction policy and research, linking with Northern Territory clinical service providers to provide a comprehensive evaluation of our innovative alcohol harm reduction reforms.

The project will investigate the long term impact of the Banned Drinker Register, and our other measures in the Northern Territory, on reducing alcohol related harm. The study will use qualitative and quantitative methods across urban and remote locations to assess the impacts.

We have committed to thorough evaluation of all components of the alcohol reforms and this complements other evaluation projects that have been delivered:

  • Sobering Up Shelter Review
  • Banned Drinker Register 6 month and 12 month evaluation
  • Treatment Demand Study
  • Social and Economic Costs of Alcohol Consumption in the NT.

The partners in the research project team investigating the impact of the Banned Drinkers Register are:

  • Deakin University
  • NT Government
  • Menzies School of Health Research
  • Curtin University
  • La Trobe University
  • Central Australia Aboriginal Congress
  • Northern Territory PHN
  • Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT
  • South Australian Medical and Health Research Institute
  • Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education
  • Turning Point

Source: NT Government