Regional football round raises mental health awareness

Regional football clubs from Kununurra in the north to Esperance in the south will take part in raising awareness about mental health issues at football games.

The ‘Think Mental Health Round’ will include ‘Check on a Mate’ barbecues and the launch of a resource guide to help players to understand that mental health issues can affect anyone.

The resources will also provide information on how to recognise signs of mental health issues and where to get help.

Approximately one in five Australians will be affected by mental health issues each year, and people living in rural and remote areas are disproportionally impacted by suicide compared with the population living in urban areas. In Western Australia, nearly three out of four deaths by suicide are male.

The ‘Think Mental Health Round’ is part of a WA Government three-year $855,000 program, funded through Healthway, in partnership with the WA Country Football League, to promote mental health within country football clubs.

The WA Country Football League is comprised of about 12,500 players, and 5,000 volunteers who help facilitate football each weekend.

‘Think Mental Health’ is a State-wide campaign targeting men aged 25-54 living in WA and their family and friends, with messages that mental health issues can affect anyone, and the importance of talking and listening.

Source: WA Government