Reducing night-time trauma for young drivers

The Victorian Government is encouraging learner and young drivers to build up more experience driving after dark, with a new campaign warning of the added risk of night-time driving.

New research shows that in their first year on the roads, P-plate drivers are seven times more likely to be killed or injured while driving at night than fully licensed drivers.

On average, 31 first-year P-platers are killed or seriously injured while driving at night in Victoria each year of approximately 50,000 new drivers annually.

The TAC’s new campaign urges learner drivers to ensure their driving practice hours include enough night driving, and reminds parents of learners to talk to their children about the dangers of night-time driving.

The campaign complements the increase from 10 to 20 night-time driving hours required of learner drivers before receiving their probationary licence, which was introduced in 2017.

A range of initiatives – including Victoria’s Graduated Licensing System and the Government’s $146 million Young Driver Safety package – have been effective in reducing road trauma in high-risk situations among young drivers in the past decade.

However, there is more work to do – at any time of day, first-year P-platers are significantly more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious injury crash than fully licensed drivers, with the risk increasing at night or in inclement weather.

The new TAC campaign Parental Control will run until mid-May 2021 online, on catch-up TV services, radio and outdoor at petrol stations. For more information, visit

Source: Vic Government