QFF commends state government on water plan accreditation

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has commended the Queensland Government for becoming the first and only state to have all its Murray-Darling Basin water resource plans accredited by the federal government.

Following the accreditation of the first water resource plan in the Basin for Warrego, Paroo and Nebine in 2017, the Border Rivers Moonie and Condamine–Balonne water resource plans have now reached the same milestone.

QFF President Stuart Armitage said this achievement was a significant step in ensuring water management outcomes in the Murray-Darlin Basin were supported by the right infrastructure, policy and enforcement settings.

“Water resource plans are an integral part of implementing the Basin Plan. They set new rules on how much water can be taken from the system and ensure the sustainable diversion limit is not exceeded over time,” Mr Armitage said.

“The Murray-Darling Basin Plan, and the Northern Basin Review in particular, provide much needed certainty for Queensland farmers and represent a workable way to achieve environmental outcomes while minimising the economic and social impacts on many Basin communities.”

“The Queensland Government also completed an independent audit into the measurement and compliance of the state’s water resources last year (2018).”

“With implementation likely to start in the Murray Darling Basin, we expect the government to work closely and constructively with irrigators and industry groups to ensure responsible water use and management continues.”

Source: QFF