Preventing family violence with women's health services

Preventing family violence with women's health services

More Victorians will be trained in preventing family violence with new funding to teach people how to call out sexism and create gender equality policies in schools, health services, councils and workplaces.

Victorian Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams in Kyneton announced $1.2 million to support 12 women’s health services across the state. The funding will go towards:

  • Promoting workplace gender equity across health services, councils and schools
  • Delivering bystander training to call out sexism in workplaces, sporting clubs and schools
  • Holding workshops on preventing violence against women and boosting gender equality
  • Developing toolkits and training packages on prevention of violence against women
  • Supporting workplaces and community groups with gender equality audits and policies.

The funding will support nine regional and three statewide women’s health services. The regional services receiving funding are listed below.

The statewide services are Women’s Health Victoria, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health and Women with Disabilities Victoria.

Family violence is a national emergency, with one woman killed at the hands of a current or former partner every week. It is the leading cause of death, disability and illness in Victorian women aged 15 to 44 years.

The Victorian Government established an Australian-first Royal Commission into Family Violence in 2014 and has since invested more than $2.7 billion to implement all 227 recommendations made.

Source: Vic Government