Powering up - new generator a winner for Seal Rocks

Powering up - new generator a winner for Seal Rocks

Guests at the Reflections Holiday Park at Seal Rocks can now enjoy a seamless experience with no power outages thanks to the installation of a $115,000 backup generator at the park.

Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Steve Edmonds said installation of the 165kva generator would improve the guest experience and offering while maintaining the eco-friendly environment that Seal Rocks is renowned for.

“When you lose power, you lose the ability to communicate with guests to advise them of what is happening in and around the park,” Mr Edmonds said.

“The park’s new generator allows us to maintain a high standard of communication during an event via the use of our newly-installed Wi-Fi system.

“Safety of our guests is a priority and we are pleased that our safety has now improved with the installation of this generator.

“This particular generator and wiring system also enables us to pursue future expansion into solar power, which aligns with our strategic plan of protecting the environment.

“With thousands of guests enjoying Seal Rocks each year, it is critical that we have a dependable backup power generator ready to provide a backup power source 24/7.”

The Kohler 165kva generator has automatic switching functionality and was sourced from engineering group, Kent Electrical based in Maitland NSW.

Park Managers Edward and Justine Syme said they were thrilled to have their new permanent generator equipped to sustain the park at full operation.

“Since arriving at Seal Rocks nine months ago, we have experienced many power outages, either through supply disruptions or natural occurrences,” they said. “Due to the park’s isolation, we lose all services, including running water and communications, when we lose power.”

“Our new backup generator is of great reassurance to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests and it is a major development for the park.”

Park regulars Jim and Diana from Merewether NSW stayed at Seal Rocks last month when there was a day-long power outage and said it was great to still have power at that time.

“We couldn’t even hear the generator running,” they said. “We have been coming here for 40 years and it’s so nice not to have to pail water in the toilet anymore.”

The installation of the $115,ooo backup generator comes on the heels of recent Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrades at the park late last year.

“Previously Seal Rocks had nil to minimal mobile coverage which inconvenienced guests who wanted to be able to communicate with friends and family during their holidays,” Mr Edmonds said.

“Now there are major improvements seen in internet accessibility and mobile calls made over Wi-Fi and guest feedback has been very positive.”