Podcast boom from farm to phone – the new way to hear rural stories

Podcast boom from farm to phone – the new way to hear rural stories

The popularity of podcasts is booming, with research showing one in three people are tuning in to their favourite podcasts – and Aussie farmers are no exception.

As awareness of the benefits of podcasts increases year on year, regional Australians have been given a sense of connectivity like never before.

Farmers have embraced the ability to listen to specialised podcasts from a range of devices anywhere from the tractor to the kitchen table.

Industry-leading seed supplier Pacific Seeds has launched its own podcast ‘Behind the Seed’ which explores in-depth the way it feeds the world.

Managing Director Barry Croker said Pacific Seeds’ podcast was an opportunity to communicate with regional communities on important topics like technology, research and how it affects farmers.

“We have the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in the agriculture and farming sector, and podcasting is the perfect outlet to share valuable insights with those who can benefit.

“We found that farmers want to listen to something engaging and insightful on their phones while still being able to run errands, be out in the paddock or on the tractor,” he said.

According to the ABC’s podcast research, the freedom to pick specific content at any time was a major drawcard.

The number of Australian listeners has grown, with 59 per cent saying they have listened to more podcasts than the previous year.

One in three respondents would rather listen to Australian podcasts than those produced overseas.

Smartphones are the preferred device with 74 per cent of listeners enjoying their favourite podcasts without the restrictions of immobile devices.

Mr Croker said podcasts like ‘Behind the Seed’ allows listeners to pick content that interests, informs or entertains.

“It’s also an important tool to help reduce feelings of isolation in regional Australia. We are seeing a winding down of regional and rural news services, so podcasts are a great way to bridge this gap.

“It is important that we do everything we can to keep Australia’s regional areas ‘in the loop’,” he said.

Pacific Seeds’ podcasts ‘Behind the Seed’ is available on Spotify, ITUNES and Soundcloud.

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