Planning for WA’s Future Energy Grid

Energy Networks Australia has welcomed the launch of Western Australia’s Whole of System Plan.

Energy Networks Australia, CEO Andrew Dillon said the Western Australian government was to be congratulated for developing the comprehensive roadmap to support WA’s renewable energy transition.

“Western Australia has one of the nation’s highest rates of rooftop solar uptake and the Plan notes this is growing rapidly and will continue to displace coal,” he said.

“This is great news for carbon emission reductions, but it comes with challenges to keep the electricity system secure and reliable.

“Western Power is already delivering innovations highlighted in the Plan, such as community batteries to provide local support for the grid and more reliable supply for customers.

“We expect to see more network batteries deployed across the country to keep grids stable and allow more solar to connect.

“WA is to be congratulated for leading the way on community batteries.

“This comprehensive plan is a vital part of ensuring WA’s customers get maximum benefit for lowest cost into the future.”

Source: Energy Networks Australia