NSW Government coordinates bushfire clean-up

NSW Government coordinates bushfire clean-up

The NSW Government will coordinate the clean-up of both insured and uninsured properties destroyed by the bushfires.

More than 2200 homes have been destroyed in the current bushfire season.

Clean-up arrangements coordinated by the NSW Government will include

  • the appointment of contractors in the south and the north to clean-up bushfire impacted properties
  • costs for the clean-up will be covered by the NSW Government in partnership with the Australian Government.

Where insurance companies have commenced clean-up works for safety reasons these will continue.

Major contractors appointed to clean-up properties will be encouraged to use local contractors whenever possible. The appointed contractors will be announced soon.

Clean-up work will include

  • containment and removal of asbestos-contaminated bushfire impacted materials
  • removal of all dangerous debris, including destroyed materials and hazardous trees
  • removal of concrete slab foundations.

The NSW Government will work with insurance companies to ensure that any policyholders who have already had clean-up work completed will be at no disadvantage.

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Source: NSW Government