New water metering rules now apply

New water metering rules now apply

Non-urban water users are being advised that some new rules under the NSW Government’s robust metering framework are now in effect.

The metering framework is part of the NSW Government’s Water Reform Action Plan designed to improve water accountability and transparency in NSW.

Emma Solomon, Group Director of the Water Renewal Taskforce, said water users who install new or replacement meters from 1 April 2019 need to comply with the new requirements.

“Water users who are legally required to have a meter and need to install a new or replacement meter, must ensure the new meter is pattern-approved, has tamper-evident seals and a data logger, and is installed by a duly qualified person.

“These new requirements will ensure that new meters are accurate and tamper-proof – essential elements for the robust metering framework being rolled out in NSW,” she said.

“A number of other changes have also commenced including specifications for telemetry, a new process for reporting faulty meters and an exemption from metering requirements for inactive surface water works.

“The new metering framework is being implemented in stages over five years to give water users and the water meter market time to get ready,” Ms Solomon said.

The roll-out dates of the new metering requirements are:

  • Stage 1: Surface water users with 500 mm pumps or larger must meet the requirements by 1 December 2019.
  • Stage 2: Remaining users in northern inland regions by 1 December 2020.
  • Stage 3: Remaining users in southern inland regions by 1 December 2021.
  • Stage 4: Remaining users in the coastal regions by 1 December 2023.

More information, including information about financial assistance for installing metering equipment, is available on the Department’s website.

Source: NSW Government