New tourist attractions get help to cut through red tape

Proposals for innovative tourist attractions which have the potential to generate hundreds of jobs could be eligible for State Government help to navigate various approval processes.

Tourism Western Australia will introduce a Tourism Case Management Framework, which will see the agency working closely with private sector proponents to help viable projects become a reality.

Proponents would be given advice on what approvals need to be sought before a project can get off the ground, as well as support in ensuring any applications are considered in a timely manner by the relevant authority.

Some of the proposed attractions being supported will include the Tawarri Hot Springs in Dalkeith, seaplane tours on the Swan River and the Matagarup Bridge climb and zip-line.

The framework complements the recently announced Market-led Proposals Policy which creates a clear, consistent and transparent process to manage unsolicited proposals for large-scale projects from the private sector that fall outside of the normal competitive processes.

It also supports the Streamline WA initiative which is a one-stop shop for businesses, industry and the community to refer regulatory issues in a bid to stamp out unnecessary processes and make it easier for the private sector to deal with government.

Building on record tourism numbers in Western Australia in 2018, the Tourism Case Management Framework will further ensure the State offers a range of attractions that encourage people to stay longer and spend more money while they are in WA.

Source: WA Government