New stab proof ballistic vests to protect frontline police

The WA Government has committed $15.4 million towards the roll-out of personal issue, multi-threat body armour to frontline police officers.

Over the next fortnight, 60 officers will be fitted out with different styles of body armour to test protection, comfort and mobility.

The officers, both male and female, from a range of policing roles and from metropolitan and regional Western Australia, will provide feedback on all aspects of wearability.

Following evaluation, it is planned a contract will be awarded and the wider roll-out of personal issue body armour will begin.

The $15.4 million commitment is part of the WA Government’s determination to better protect our officers.

All versions of body armour to be worn during the evaluation phase are designed to provide protection against firearm threat and significant resistance to bladed weapons.

Source: WA Government