New Homes Rollout to Communities

Construction work on a prefabricated housing project continues with homes now rolling out to remote communities.

Despite the challenges during the coronavirus crisis – including travel restrictions to protect people living in remote areas – building works were able to continue at sites in Darwin and Alice Springs.

The project represents a $68 million investment through the Territory Government’s Homebuild program. Funding covers all aspects of the project including design, land servicing and on-site installation.

Darwin companies, Northern Transportables, PTM Group and NT Link; and Murray River North in Alice Springs were last year (2019) awarded contracts to build 134 homes for delivery to Aboriginal communities across the NT. To date, 74 homes have been completed.

Through Local Decision Making, communities have participated in the planning and design of the houses to ensure they suit the needs of residents, with provisions for elderly tenants, people with disabilities and extended family groups.

Prefabricated housing provides an alternative to the on-site construction model, offering flexibility in delivery and ongoing transportability.

Source: NT Government